From October 2018 will start change

As you allready know we working for V2, but till V2 be ready we will apply some futures/changes in current site.


New file host (faster) with FDA support
Reorganize memberships (cheaper and more effective)
New pay methods

- ToTb Admin -

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Hello Matteo, I guess you mean the coupons from July promo, unfortunately you cannot use them, they was only for July. Thanks...
Thank you again maria_lu for your suggestions My first priority is to change server after that I want to made a lot of changes because I'm not satisfied with the site structure too. Believe me o...
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Best of luck. I hope this site pick up steam and stays alive. Beauty transcends age. Thank you maria_lu , I will manage a lot of improvements and changes, first of all to move at better server bec...
Best of luck. I hope this site pick up steam and stays alive. Beauty transcends age....
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-= October Promo =-

Buy code for Memberships with 50% discount

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FDA (File Directory Access)

Users with FDA access have the ability view, download or copy all the files we have share in our blog

FDA levels

  • FDA Free
  • FDA Amateur
  • FDA Special
  • FDA MEGA packs
  • *FDA Siterip
  • *FDA Corperate memberships
* the feauture is not available yet.

How it works

User must create a account and buy membership with FDA support, must reply to the mail with membership details with his the email address use in account. Within 48 hours will receive a share request in, one he accept the request will be able to view all the files we have share in our blog in his account.

Note! This method for file hosting is under review, you can always use the contact form and send us your suggestions.
Note! if you don't have account use the contact form and ask for invitation, once you create account you will receive a coupon for 50% disqunt in Mature membership . version 2 start from the scratch

I start to develop version 2 of is amateur attempt for a website for people who love grannies, grandpas and any king of elderly love.
To build a site need skills and knowledge, I build this site by my self without help or enough knowledge and I made a lot of mistakes.
I try to implement new features like direct download and improve a lot of thinks but is not so simple to make changes in exciting site structure, so I decide to build the site from the scratch.

For better results I need your help.

If you want to participate and help me by testing the new site or just to tell me your opinion about features you what to see, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Till new site will be ready the exist site it continues working, I will do my best to update content frequently.

Thank you all granny lovers

- giannisgrpap -

2 Sep 2018

Free and Fast file download

We want to offer free and fast file downloads to our members.
Right now we use tentatively , if you like this future and you want to continue use it or you have any other idea for fast and free download share it with us.

- ToTb Admin -